PAN (Permanent Account Number) is an identification number assigned to all taxpayers in India.

Types of PAN

  • Individual
  • Company
  • Firms/Partnerships
  • Trusts
  • Society
  • Foreigners

PAN is a unique identification number that enables each tax paying entity of India with the following:

  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Address
  • Mandatory for Filing Taxes
  • Registration of Business
  • Financial transactions
  • Eligibility to open and operate Bank Accounts
  • Phone Connection
  • Gas Connection

PAN applicant requires two types of documents-

  1. proof of address(POA)
  2. Identity proof .

NSDL verifies this information with their central database and  PAN applications may be rejected if information furnished is incorrect or incomplete.

PAN is a 10 letter alpha-numeric which is generated automatically by the online system by taking into account the information furnished by the PAN applicant.

  • First Three Character-  The first three characters of PAN are a sequence of alphabets from AAA to ZZZ
  • Fourth Character-  The fourth character signifies the type of taxpayer that you are.
    • A — Association of Persons (AOP)
    • B — Body of Individuals (BOI)
    • C — Company
    • F — Firm
    • G — Government
    • H — HUF (Hindu Undivided Family)
    • L — Local Authority
    • J — Artificial Judicial Person
    • P — Individual
    • T — AOP (Trust)
    • K — Krish (Trust krish)


  • Fifth Character-  The fifth character in PAN is the first letter of your surname.
  • Remaining characters-   These characters are random in which first 4 characters are numbers while the last one is an alphabet.
  1. What are the documents that I should submit along with my PAN Card application form?
  • Proof of address (POA)
  • Proof of identity (POI)
  • Proof of date of birth (PODB)


2. Is it necessary to furnish 2 photos for the application?

Yes, if you are an ‘Individual’ applicant, you should affix 2 recent colour photos with white background in the form.